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Call to set up a complementary consultation  and introduce yourself to the world of micro-pigmentation.  Science and art have come together to bring out the best in you. Enjoy the freedom and convenience of permanent makeup or camouflage unwanted scars or blemishes. 

Micro-pigmentation consists of the insertion of microscopic hypoallergenic pigments under the dermal layers to create a desired esthetic effect. Also referred to as permanent makeup, this process is a scientific tool used to enhance natural features and to correct imperfections or disfigurations resulting from surgery or accident.

At Always Beautiful Creations we believe that beauty and health are indelibly linked. We are always searching for ways to complement our services while offering you the most advanced scientific developments available today.

There are a surprising number of cosmetic and reconstructive applications for our procedures, please read on and feel free to ask any questions. 

"I strive to provide comprehensive and quality services at a fair price in a caring and professional environment. An important objective of mine is to educate the public on the importance of health and beauty, and to offer people the elements of convenience, confidence and comfort so that they can radiate their beauty from the inside out. 

I derive great satisfaction from helping people look their best. Some of my clients have come to me after going through years of agony under the restrictions imposed by scars or disfiguration. The dramatic results that they get from this treatment puts them back on track, allowing them to enjoy their lives again. 

For me to know that I enabled their recovery... there is no better feeling in the world."

Dianna Carroll - Lead artist

Questions & Answers:

Is it safe?
ABC uses only disposable cartridges, the latest digital technology in accordance to the most stringent European standards and FDA regulated pigments. All procedures are OSHA and CDC compliant. 

Can I change it later? 

Although shape and color adjustments can be made, think of your make-up as permanent. Since micro-pigmentation looks very natural, you can still use topical make up to vary your look at any time.

How long does it last?
The pigment is permanent. A touch-up every two to three years is recommended to counteract the effect of fading caused by exposure to sunlight and exfoliation. 
A critical factor to the longevity of your treatment is your dedication to following the post treatment instructions. 

Will it look natural?
Permanent makeup is designed for daytime wear. To add a touch of glamour for the evening, add a little pencil. But if, after a month, the permanent makeup is really too light, it can always be intensified. 
A large number of clients share the view that permanent makeup, well applied, looks more natural than pencil makeup.

Who decides on shape and color?
You are in control. Clients generally know what they want and what best suits their face and personality. Dianna respects her clients wishes as long as these are within the professional bounds of what is considered aesthetic and safe. 
Quite often, however, clients do ask for advice and even put themselves entirely in Dianna's hands.

Can I afford it?
Pricing varies considerably, depending on the scope of the procedure required. Keeping in mind that results are permanent, it is generally accepted that the cost of the cosmetics saved by the use of permanent make-up offsets the cost of the procedure itself. Are you worth it?

How long does it take?
Although the length and number of visits required for the procedure may vary, in most cases it takes between 60 to 90 minutes. Time is dedicated to each individual according to the specific characteristics of each treatment.

Is it for me?
Micro-pigmentation is for people of all ages and lifestyles, even if you have sensitive skin. Its many applications range from cosmetic enhancement of eye or lip contour all the way to reconstructive and corrective coloration for surgery patients, burn survivors or people suffering from congenital disfiguration.